Broadcast & Digital

Star Wars Hypderive BB-8 :30-Second TV Commercial

“Adventure is around every corner” is the line I wrote as the basis of this spot to showcase the chops of a new robotic toy. It might well have applied to the shoot itself: Would BB-8 cooperate and live up to its hype? Would Yoda the chameleon put in a Star Wars-worthy performance?

Star Wars Interactech :20-Second TV Commercial

The story pitting Kylo Ren against Rey became collateral damage by the final cut in favor of a focus on features. In this earlier version, the story and characters take full advantage of the exquisite set. Cue the conflict, suspense, and drama.

Star Wars Nerf Glowstrike :30-Second TV Commercial

Developing concepts for products tied to an iconic brand (in this case, three of them) takes finesse: How do you combine the gravitas of Star Wars, the verve of Nerf, and the wholesomeness of Hasbro? Story, set, action, and animation in this spot work together to find a way.

Play-Doh :60-Second Educational Digital Spot

Advertising that teaches: Now there’s a concept. We used a “tasty” approach to offer a (nearly) step-by-step visual guide to a project that unites knowledge (and the art of improvisation) with a lot of hands-on fun—without ever using the word “teach.”

Hasbro :06-Second Brand Digital Spot

Atoms pack a lot of punch. Why not a half a dozen little seconds? In this spot, I threw a combination: First hit viewers in the heart with the wistfulness of the passage of time, then tweak them in the funny bone with an unexpected shift into monkey business.